The Beginning of Something Great

There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.


The What:

Don and I are raising money to put an “in-room cooling device” called Cuddle Cot (more information found here: US Cuddle Cot Campaign InitiativeAND Cuddle Cots) in every Labor and Delivery ward in Austin, TX.

The Why:

At 22 weeks, we were given the news that no parent ever wants to hear: “We cannot find a heartbeat.” We delivered our baby girl, Mary Margaret Hogan, on April 22nd and while the next 18 hours were precious as we got to hold her, count her tiny fingers and toes, and love on her, we also had to make sure she stayed cool which meant giving her back to the nurses or putting her in the bassinet with bags of ice to stay cool. Saying goodbye over and over again when we already knew we would be leaving the hospital without her was emotionally hard. If the hospital we were at had a Cuddle Cot, she could have stayed with us for up to 3 days, stayed with us overnight, and the multiple goodbyes would not have had to happen. To ease the pain for families going through this nightmare, we want to give the gift of time with their precious little one.

The How:

To donate and help us with our goal of helping other families and honoring our baby girl, please send cash or a check made out to SOBBS, Inc and mail it to PO Box 8761, Lakeland, Florida, 33806 OR you can send the money via Paypal to Please make sure to put “in honor of Mary Margaret Hogan” on either the check, a piece of paper with cash, or in the notes section on Paypal.

NOTE – You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation as SOBBS is an official 501c3 organization.



10 thoughts on “The Beginning of Something Great

  1. Oh my! This is so precious and beyond words. You are the strength of what many new parents need. I hope there are many that see this and contribute to this worthy cause. Bless you both!


  2. We are so honored to remember our precious Lil Bluebonnet, Mary Margaret in this way. Love you so much. Mom & Dad


  3. Don and Sara, Mary Margaret is so blessed to have you as parents and many families will also be blessed. Praying for you!


  4. Your story has impacted more people than you will ever know about. It has made many of us aware of a special situation that we may never experience in our lifetime, but so many do…. and with much heartache. You have been in our thoughts & prayers, and we will be honored to help in the memory of sweet little Mary Margaret. We are so sorry for your loss, but amazed and encouraged by your strength and peace. Mark & Leslee Loosen


  5. We have been praying for you and your family as you have walked this journey. We are praying God’s continued Peace and Comfort as you move forward. We are blessed to be able to help others and are so thankful to know about this ministry. We are thankful to be able to honor Mary Margaret in this way. We love you. With love, Mark and Terri Abbott


  6. My Dearest Don and Sara,
    I am so moved by your strength and compassion for other parents who will walk the same path you did.
    I will be praying for you and those parents who will benefit from your selfless gift
    Mary Margaret’s gift is priceless.
    Love you
    Aunt Annette


  7. Sara and Don,
    We are honored to give to this cause in memory of Mary Margaret. We continue to pray for you both and look forward to seeing Mary Margaret some day when we are in heaven with her. We love you and hope that this “bend in the road” strengthens your faith and your love for each other.
    Aunt Beth and Uncle Bo


  8. Sara and Don,

    We too are honored to honor your precious Mary Margaret in this way. What a blessing her life, as well as yours, will be to other families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Cheryl and Tom Witten


  9. We are so sorry for this very sad loss and we are so glad that we can make a small donation to help fund a cuddle cot to help another family in their hour of need. With love, Jodi & Adam Holzband


  10. Everyday my mind returns to the day beautiful Mary Margaret was born, I miss her terribly. Sara & Don you are strong, loving parents and a dedicated loving couple. I will never forget our Lil Bluebonnet, Mary Margaret.


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